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   City information
   City information  
 [City information] Kaiping diaolou appeared in the program “See the green water and mountain of China” of CCTVUpdate:17-10-09
 [City information] Kaiping City held the Mid-Autumn festival charity activityUpdate:17-09-25
 [City information] Ms. Kuang Yingnu came back Kaiping from Macao to respect the elderlyUpdate:17-09-06
 [City information] Changshi attached primary school held the honors day to meet the new termUpdate:17-09-01
 [City information] The descendant of the Kaiping revolutionary martyrs received the scholarshipUpdate:17-08-30
 [City information] The science and technology experts from Hong Kong and Macao came to Kaiping for inspectionUpdate:17-08-23
 [City information] Kaiping City: The doctor came into two scenic spots to enhance the level of tourismUpdate:17-08-17
 [City information] Mr•Wu Rongzhi donated HK $ 5 million to support education careerUpdate:17-08-15
 [City information] The basketball game of the Kaiping City Sports Meeting (adult group) was startedUpdate:17-08-11
 [City information] The 12th Kaiping City Sports Meeting and the 2nd Sports Meeting for the elderly were openedUpdate:17-08-08
 [City information] Kaiping City held the “Hope Home” opening ceremony to take care of left-behind childrenUpdate:17-08-07
 [City information] The result of the track and field events of Kaiping City Sports Meeting (the youth group) has cUpdate:17-08-04
 [City information] Tanjiang poetry club held the 30th anniversary celebration activityUpdate:17-07-25
 [City information] Sanbu Hospital – Sanbu Yu Quanzhen Hospital held the ambulance donation handover ceremonyUpdate:17-07-24
 [City information] The Canadian photographer Huang Jianfeng of Kaiping origin held the photo exhibition, to raise Update:17-07-19
 [City information] The social enthusiasts of Kaiping City came into Linglong Village to contribute the loveUpdate:17-07-17
 [City information] 2017 China (Jiangmen) Kaiping Diaolou culture tourism festival was openedUpdate:17-07-12
 [City information] 2017 Xiangang Town the 2th dragon fruit food festival was openedUpdate:17-07-10
 [City information] Kaiping City non-material cultural heritage protection and development meet achievement again--Update:17-07-05
 [City information] 2017 China (Jiangmen) Kaiping Diaolou culture tourism festival will open on July 3Update:17-06-30
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