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City information
   City information
   City information  
 [City information] The Canadian photographer Huang Jianfeng of Kaiping origin held the photo exhibition, to raise Update:17-07-19
 [City information] The social enthusiasts of Kaiping City came into Linglong Village to contribute the loveUpdate:17-07-17
 [City information] 2017 China (Jiangmen) Kaiping Diaolou culture tourism festival was openedUpdate:17-07-12
 [City information] 2017 Xiangang Town the 2th dragon fruit food festival was openedUpdate:17-07-10
 [City information] Kaiping City non-material cultural heritage protection and development meet achievement again--Update:17-07-05
 [City information] 2017 China (Jiangmen) Kaiping Diaolou culture tourism festival will open on July 3Update:17-06-30
 [City information] The repair engineering of Changlu and other 7 Diaolou passed the inspection of the provincial cUpdate:17-06-28
 [City information] Kaiping City held the 2017 anti-drug speech competition of the primary and secondary school stuUpdate:17-06-19
 [City information] Guangdong Province “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day ” main meeting-place series of activitiesUpdate:17-06-11
 [City information] Kaiqiao Middel School Tan Guangsheng Hundred Building will be completed by the end of SeptemberUpdate:17-06-06
 [City information] Guangdong Worker Art Troupe came into KaipingUpdate:17-06-05
 [City information] Kaiping City drug control committee came to Dasha Town to hold the anti-drug propaganda art perUpdate:17-06-01
 [City information] Sanbu Hospital came to hold the free physical examination for the Kaiping exceptional childrenUpdate:17-05-23
 [City information] Kaiping City 14th “Zai Garden Cup” Chinese competition of elementary school students held the aUpdate:17-05-23
 [City information] The Panli Building of Kaiping Li Garden was being repaired and will be reopened by the end of Update:17-05-21
 [City information] The business department of Midea's central air conditioning came to Linglong Village of KaipingUpdate:17-05-19
 [City information] The eye free clinic activity came to Magang TownUpdate:17-05-18
 [City information] The Kaiping section of Zhongshan – Kaiping Highway began the constructionUpdate:17-05-13
 [City information] Kaiping Open University unveiled the nameplateUpdate:17-05-12
 [City information] Kaiping youth culture carnival activities showed the elegant demeanor of the youthUpdate:17-04-30
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