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 [Investment and business] Brief Introduction of Akei Holdings Co. Ltd.
 [Investment and business] Brief Introduction of Xingshinian Clothing Co., LTD
 [Investment and business] Brief Introduction of Hongkong Runcheng (KP) Dyeing & Finishing Factory
 [Investment and business] Advantageous Investment Environment in Kaiping City
 [Investment and business] Brief Introduction of Foreign Capital Enterprises
 [Investment and business] Company Brief Kaiping Legend Knitting Factory
 [Investment and business] Company brief Panther Textile Co., Ltd.
 [Investment and business] Company Brief Fulin Weaving & Garments Co., Ltd.
 [Investment and business] Guangdong Yuedian Electrical Appliance Industrial Co., Ltd.
 [Investment and business] Brief Introduction of Kaiping Elec & Eltek Electronic Co., Ltd.
 [Publication and Association] Overseas Chinese Publicationybs of Kaiping City
 [Friendships] Hong Kong Shoo Yuen Lui Fong Kwong Clansmen Association Limited held the inauguration ceremony for the newly-appointed s
 [Friendships] Briefing for Mesa City of America
 [Friendships] Married couple Fang Chuangjie were invited to the ceremony of welcoming Chairman Hu Jintao in the White House
 [Friendships] Kaiping Benevolent Association of Macao held a Cantonese opera get-together
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