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   Law & Regulation  
 [Law & Regulation] Foodstuffs Industry
 [Law & Regulation] MOFTEC Notice No.12, 2003
 [Law & Regulation] Administrative rules of initial investment ventures set up by foreign investors
 [Law & Regulation] 《Detailed Regulations for Implementation of the International Shipping Rules of P.R.C.》 is published
 [Law & Regulation] China imposes anti-dumping duties on S.Korean polyester staple fibre
 [Law & Regulation] Anti-dumping duties imposed on polyester chip imported from S.Korea
 [Law & Regulation] China Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Announcement NO. 4, 2003
 [Law & Regulation] Out-quota duty rates shall not be applied to some of the final products of steel listed under the Conclusive Safeguards
 [Law & Regulation] China Adjusting Anti-dumping Tariff on ROK Chemical Products
 [Law & Regulation] China Takes Anti-dumping Steps on Imported Purified Anhydride Acid
 [Law & Regulation] China Takes Temporary Measures Against Caprolactam Dumping
 [Law & Regulation] Implementing Rules of the Regulations of the People s Republic of china on International Maritime Transportation
 [Law & Regulation] Provisions Concerning the Administration of Foreign-funded Business-starting Investment Enterprises
 [Law & Regulation] Interim Measures Governing the Establishment of Chinese-foreign Equity Joint Foreign Trade Corporations
 [Law & Regulation] Provisions on the Administration of Urban Planning Service Enterprise with Foreign Investment
 [Law & Regulation] Interim Provision on the Establishment of Foreign Holding and Wholly Foreign-owned Travel Agencies
 [Law & Regulation] Interim Measures for Bid-Inviting and Bidding Management of Preliminary Realty Management
 [Law & Regulation] Circular on Starting Use of Application Form and Certificates of Qualifications of Foreign-Invested Construction Enterpr
 [Law & Regulation] Industries Layout Guide for Foreign Investment in Shanghai
 [Law & Regulation] Priority Industries Content for Foreign Investment in Shanghai
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