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 [Property] Life for Land Exploitation
 [Property] How to deal with disputes concerning ownership over land?
 [Property] How to implement bidding and auction practice for access over state-owned land?
 [Property] How to exploit land onerously?
 [Property] In what modes is the state-owned land exploited onerously?
 [Property] What operation modes are there in land market of our country?
 [Property] What is the base price for transferring land access?
 [Property] What is standardized land price?
 [Property] What is standard land price?
 [Property] What is land registration?
 [Property] What is the range of negotiated transferring land?
 [Property] What is transferring state-owned land access in nominal quotation?
 [Property] What is allotted land?
 [Property] What is onerous exploitation of state-owned land?
 [Property] What is land for construction use?
 [Property] What is land market?
 [Property] What is collective land?
 [Property] What difference lies between assurance fee of accumulation loan and insurance of commercial loan?
 [Property] In addition to houses finished in future for which buyers can have forenotice registration, is there any protective meas
 [Property] Is there any difference between fee for forenotice registration and the previous registration fee of presell contract?
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