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 [Finance] How to recharge on-line?
 [Finance] Which payments can be paid right now?
 [Finance] Which bank cards and books can be used for the payment?
 [Finance] What types of telephone recharge business are there now?
 [Finance] What are provisions on the initial collection, cessation, reduction, exemption, and refund of tax in the Chinese law?
 [Finance] How do individuals whose profit comes from contracting and leasing of operation pay tax?
 [Finance] How do individuals who engage in construction installation businesses pay their individual tax?
 [Finance] What are regulations on wholly foreign-invested enterprises on setting aside public accumulated fund according to law, p
 [Finance] How do foreign employees pay individual income tax for their income and salaries in China?
 [Finance] What kind of foreign experts does not have to pay individual income tax for their salaries and income?
 [Finance] What is the accounting settlement of tax rebate from re-investment of wholly foreign-invested enterprises?
 [Finance] How to apply for a new Export Commodity Customs Declaration Sheet (Copy for Tax Rebate) if the old one is lost?
 [Finance] How to apply for a new Export Commodity Foreign Commodity Checking Sheet (copy for tax rebate) when the old one is lost?
 [Finance] What are the regulations on the tax rebate (exemption) of commodities that have been sent back to China's Customs?
 [Finance] What are detailed regulations on tax rebate(exemption) on commodities exported by foreign trade agent enterprises?
 [Finance] What is the export commodity tax rebate (exemption) declaration?
 [Finance] What are the qualifications for enterprises that apply for tax rebate and exemption registration?
 [Finance] What are state regulations on export commodities that can enjoy tax rebate (exemption)?
 [Finance] What are state regulations on enterprises that apply for export tax rebate (exemption)?
 [Finance] What are the scopes of export commodities that can enjoy tax rebate (exemption)?
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