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Preferential Policies on Promotion of Foreign and Domestic Investments

Preferential Policies on Promotion of Foreign and Domestic Investments

A. Preferential Policies on Development of Land
(1) Land for Industrial Purpose. Transference of the right of utilizing land in Kaiping Industrial Parks is based upon the preferential prices in each park. The transferring price of land for industrial use in areas other than industrial parks shall be in conformity with the cost price of the developed land, exemption of some charges such as land-value-added charge etc. and semi-collection on some other charges such as highway-value-added charge etc.
(2) Land for Agricultural Purpose. Land developed and utilized by foreign & domestic investments in use for setting up enterprises engaging in agricultural produce processing, is treated the same as that for agricultural production, which is fostered by preferences on land utilizing charges such as deferred payment, reduction and even exemption of the charge. Priorities on land, examination & approval and rents are accorded to projects developing contiguously above 33.33 hectares of farmland and 66.66 hectares of mountainous area.
(3) Encourage and Support Construction of Industrial Factory Buildings for Leasing. Foster vigorously construction of industrial factory buildings for leasing in planned areas with investments form foreign-funded and domestic-funded enterprises for the purpose of introduction and enlargement of processing trade. These newly-built factory buildings for leasing are granted with exemption of land-transferring charge and semi-collection of municipal engineering serialization charge.
B. Preferential Policy on Administration Charges and Some Service fees
In order to further lighten the burden of foreign-funded and domestic-funded enterprises, we will adhere to the principle of cutting all random fines and fees, affiliating overlapping charges and collecting at the floor level some reserved charges. We are making adjustments on exemption and reduction of some administration & service fees for newly-built foreign-funded & domestic-funded enterprises.
C. Preferential Policies on Tax
A) All the foreign-invested enterprises in our city will enjoy 24% enterprise income tax.

B) For foreign-invested enterprises with over-10-year-term of operation, starting from the first year of profit making, their income tax for the first year and the second year shall be exempted and that for the third to fifth year shall be reduced by 50%.
C) For foreign-invested enterprises engaged in agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, upon the expiry of the tax exemptions and reductions enjoyed by them in accordance with the above-mentioned provisions, on the application of such enterprises and with the approval of the State Council, their income tax may continue to be reduced by 15% to 30% in the ensuing 10 years.
D) For product-exporting enterprises launched by foreign investor, upon the expiry of the enterprise income tax exemptions and reductions enjoyed by them in line with tax laws, should their annual export value account for over 70% of their output that year, they may have their enterprise income tax reduced by half.
E) For technologically-advanced enterprises launched by foreign investor, should they still be technologically-advanced enterprises upon the expiry of the income tax exemption and reduction periods according to laws, they may have their enterprise income tax reduced by half for
another three years based upon the tax rates as stipulated in tax laws.
F) Should the foreign partner to an foreign-invested enterprise directly re-invest the profit gained from the enterprise in that enterprise, expand the registered capital or use it to fund the setting up of other foreign-invested enterprise with over-5-year term of operation, on the application of the investor and with the approval of taxation authorities, shal


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