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Brief Introduction of Hongkong Runcheng (KP) Dyeing & Finishing Factory

    Hongkong Runcheng (KP) Dyeing & Finishing Factory which is an enterprise with foreign capital, invested jointly by Mr. Wu Rongzhi and Mr. Wu Rongxi, they are fellowmen from Hongkong, standing committeemen of Municipal Political consultative Conference, honorary citizens of Kaiping City & Jiangmen City. The enterprise mainly deal with the dye of the high class knitting fabrics business and knitting gray cloth products etc., the products are being exported with one hundred percent. The enterprise was established in July 1990, in the face of greater business opportunity and competition in the future, the enterprise keeps increasing investment and development, renewing & introducing the advanced production equipment and testing technology from Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong etc., to upgrade the quality and technological management level continually, the total investment and registered capital has increased to be fifteen million eight hundred fifty-four thousand and three hundred US dollars from the original two million four hundred sixty-four thousand US dollars at the early time of founding of this factory, the enterprise is equipped and developed as production scale with high class knitting outside material with “One package service” by knitting, dying, rear-arrangement, the annual throughput can dye and finish fabrics more than 7000 tons, knitting gray cloth 4800 tons. It has become an advanced enterprise with over one hundred million yuan of annual production value and the annual foreign exchange with over 10 million US dollars in Kaiping City. In order to guarantee of the harmonious development in economy, society, environment, the enterprise also pays attention to do the environmental work at the time of developing & increasing economic benefits continually, and has been honored by the superior and provincial & city environmental department. Since 10 years of putting into production, and it has been honored “Advanced Enterprise with Foreign Investment nationally ”, “Star Enterprise with Foreign Investment nationally”, “Advanced award of Golden Key of Guangdong 2nd Enterprise with Foreign Investment”, “Advanced Collective of Guangdong  Environmental protection”, “Advanced Unit for the Protection of Tanjiang River Resource in Jiangmen City ”,“Ten-best Enterprise with Foreign Investment of Jiangmen City”, “Advanced Enterprise with foreign Capital of Kaiping  City”, “Advanced Unit with Environmental Protection Work” etc., and it has been assessed as “Enterprise engaging in exporting products” by the Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Commission through examination continuously since 1992, and is assessed as enterprise with A Class in the assorted management toward enterprise performing by the customhouse, and is internationally recognized with UKAS ISO9001-2000.


   “Our spirit is to be conscientious & enterprising, and the quality efficiency is life”, in order to prepare our country to join the world trade organization soon, and in the face of greater business opportunity and competition in the future, the factory had invested approx. Forty million RMBY to reform in the second half of the year 1999 to the year 2000 early or late. the enterprise is equipped and developed as production scale with high class knitting outside material “One package” by knitting, dying, rear-arrangement, which has strengthened  the constant development of competition in the market and improved the product quality, has decreased obviously comprehensive costs and increased the efficiency. The enterprise has still gained remarkable achievement even though during the world wide sluggish economy in the market and the countertide of the harsh competition in job waiting, and it is internationally recognized with BSENISO 9001-2000 in February 2001.



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