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The repair engineering of Changlu and other 7 Diaolou passed the inspection of the provincial cultural relics department
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On June 26, Guangdong cultural relics bureau organized the experts of the provincial cultural relics protection expert committee, to check and accept the repair engineering of Changlu and other 7 Diaolou.


The project is mainly for the repair of 8 towers in Zili Village of Tangkou Town and Majianglong of Baihe Town. the expert group checked the overall situation of repairing through on-the-spot inspection, and listened to the report of construction, design, construction and supervision units, investigate the relevant documents, agree that the project can according to the approval of the competent administrative department of cultural relics scheme and construction drawings, in line with the principles for the protection of cultural relics: "Do not change the original state of the cultural relics" and "Minimum intervention" , and the engineering quality is qualified, agreed to pass the preliminary acceptance.



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