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Basic Facts
    Kaiping City is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, located at the west-north of Pearl River Delta. It is far of Guangzhou City around 110 kilometers, abuts on Nanhai, Hong Kong and Macao. There are 750, 000 overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residing at 68 different countries and areas. It has total areas of 1659 square kilometers and population of 680, 000 Kaiping County is founded in 1649, and Kaiping City is founded on January 5, 1993.
    In 1995, Kaiping City is regarded as class 2nd City by state. Now, there are 13 towns and 2 offices. Kaiping down area, where Municipal government is located, has area of over 108 square kilometers, and populations of 210, 000. Tanjiang River intersects Cangjiang River and crosses the town area. Kaiping has beautiful views and perfect environment; it is called “Small Wuhan”; It is the important business City and place of goods collection and decentralization.
    There is convenient traffic by water and land in Kaiping, with highway 325 running through all towns, cement road longing over 800 kilometers for traffic, and cement roads to all towns and villages. Sanbu harbor has national class-A port with freighters and passenger liners runs between Kaiping and Hong Kong and Macao everyday, two of luxury passenger liners sail between Kaiping and Hong Kong for 5 hours journey. Urban and rural telephone has been programme controlled. There are a lot of facilities such as modern gymnasium, art gallery, library, people’s park and some luxury hotels, including Tanjiang Ever Joint Hotel with 32 floors, Jinshan holiday tour, hotel holiday and Kaiping building.
    There is rich mineral products resource; there are 33 kinds of mineral, such as iron, manganese, copper, aurum, uranium, Monazite, lepidolite, coal, firestone, potash feldspar, etc. Kaiping is one of 18 important rice supply areas. There are 380 kinds of export agricultural products; special local products Jinshan toasted garlic and Guanghe preserved bean curd are sold all over the world;Series of Jiashili biscuit and Jiashili five-flavor peanut has high quality and reasonable price and is famous all over the world. After reform and opening, Kaiping City flourish itself on industry, a lot of enterprises with advanced level of the 80’s have been founded. There are many pillar industries including chemical fiber, textile, garment, food, electron, etc. Over 30 products including Jiashili biscuit and peanut and Guanghe preserved bean curd have been awarded the ministry excellence prize. There are 20 industrial enterprises with annum production value of over 100,000,000 Yuan, there-into, Terylene enterprise group is one of 500 largest national industrial enterprises with annum production value of 2,500,000,000 Yuan. 7 enterprises including Jiashili biscuit Company, Elec & Eltek Group, Weixida Seasoning Co., Ltd. and Aluminum Group are enterprises of top 100 enterprises of the same industry of China. Elec & Eltek Group, Kaide electrical appliance Company and Pingshun weaving Company has been awarded one of top 500 enterprises with foreign investment, 6 enterprises including Elec & Eltek Group and cord factory are regarded as enterprises with high and new-technology industries.
    Kaiping is a south-Asian Tropical monsoon & oceanic climate zone, with yearly average temperature of 21.5ºC and yearly precipitation from 1700mm to 2400mm; it is the famous scenic spot for tour and holiday. There are a lot of famous sceneries and historic sites, such as Liang Jinshan tour zone, Tangkou Li garden, Zhou Wenyong and Chen Tiejun Martyr Cemetery, etc.
    In Kaiping, governments affairs are prosperous, peoples live and work in peace and contentment; there is an all-thriving scene. Peoples of Kaiping are striving for realization of Socialism modernization.

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