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About the Kaiping

Overseas Chinese town

    Kaiping, is a famous hometown of overseas chinese. Early in the middle of the sixteenth Century, some people take the wooden sailing across the ocean, to the South Pacific Islands and South America. Kaiping has a population of 680000,overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong 750000, 67 countries and territories in the world. The famous overseas Chinese leader Mr. Xiaozhuang was born in the beautiful scenery of Kaiping Chikan town.


    Kaiping, is the world's attention on the diaolou. In the city of Kaiping, the Diaolou are everywhere, that is, in the 1659 square kilometers of land, more than 1800seat. From the nozzle to the lily, and from the pond to Xian Gang, Chishui, anddozens of kilometers without stop, present a splendid sight. This place watchtower, from the old Chinese into the new Chinese, from a century acrossanother century, which witnessed the Kaiping overseas Chinese from turmoil topeace, from depression to prosperity, progress toward strong from weak. Theystood quietly, like a heavy monument, to remind people not to forget the past, but to cherish the present and future.

In 2007 June, Kaiping Diaolou and villages have been included in UNESCO's World Heritage list.

Art Village

    Kaiping, is be worthy of the name of the art village. Five hundred years ago, is now Kaiping Sha Tang Li Dong Li Jiang because of a gas well hundreds of firstplum blossom poems and literary sensation, is the emperor bestowed for "诗伯champion" (known as "plum blossom one hundred poems"). Hundreds of years later, she, Hu Gentian, Guan Jinao, Hu Shanyu, Stuart Stuch, Joe, Luo Gongliu,Guan Manqing, Situ Huimin, Situ Zhaoguang, Sha Fei, Huang Duwei, Luo Rongju,Tu Han, Liang Hanguang, Yu Qiwei and a number of outstanding artists, but alsoin the field of opera, calligraphy and painting, sculpture, film, photography, music and made great achievements, reputation art. Characteristics of Kaiping folk songs, a chicken, fish, he Lou song song, with housing and other forms, for hundreds of years is not only sung in the villages and towns in Kaiping, with theKaiping Chinese footprint spread Sihai Wuzhou, become an exotic flower in thegarden.

Construction of the village

    Kaiping is to be well-known, far and near, the construction of the town. The territory of more than 1800 towers scattered, in different poses and with different expressions, set the architecture art in a domain, known as the "stunningarchitectural art gallery". After development, the construction industry had become one of the pillar industries in Kaiping, practitioners more than 80000people most, building more than fifty enterprises, business throughout the country, there are three projects win the home building industry highest honor,"Luban award".


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