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Kaiping introduction

    Kaiping is located in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Chinese south-west, 110 kilometers away from Guangzhou, is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese,the township building, art village and Diaolou, also China excellent tourism city,national garden city and national sanitary city. The city has a total area of 1659square kilometers, the total population of 680000, compatriots overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan 750000, distributed in 67 countries and regions.For hundreds of years, especially in the early nineteenth Century, the majority of overseas Chinese to flood control and anti bandit, protect their safety, have builtin keeping both towers, the existing 1833 seat. These towers and surroundingvillages, rice, small bridges, water, blue sky, white clouds silhouetted against each other, constitute a strange and beautiful landscape. In 2007 June, "Kaiping Diaolou and villages" was included in the UNESCO "World Heritage List", Kaipinghas become a tourist hot spot be well-known, far and near.

    Kaiping overseas Chinese hometown beautiful ecological environment, unique style, is rich in tourism resources. Look at the overseas Chinese culture, a world heritage site, a national historical and cultural village Zili village watchtower group; a world heritage site, "the most beautiful village" world Ma Jianglong watchtower group; there are overseas Chinese gardens is a must, the state 4A class tourist attractions garden; a national historical and cultural town, more than 40 works as the location of the ancient town of Chikan; to leisure, a beautiful environment of the Chishui River Hot Springs, Dragon Bay Forest Park be contented and happy for you, flying mood; to hold business activities, the Ever Joint Hotel (five star), Hotel Holiday Sanbu (four star), three port The Seaview Tavern Hotel (three-star), radio and television building (two star), The Moon Hotel(two star) and nozzle Garden Hotel, Elgin Silver Oaks Kalimpong Hotel, Park LaneHotel, to provide quality and thoughtful service.

    Kaiping superior geographical environment, transportation is very convenient, 90 minutes away from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, 120 minutes from Zhuhai, 150 minutes of Shenzhen. The city has three port passenger ship to Hongkong, the trip only 4 hours, Yi CI passenger station, passenger station of Changsha luxury bus direct port Shenzhen Zhuhai etc..

    Kaiping, for its beautiful scenery, unique style, warm and thoughtful service,waiting for your arrival!


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